Drag and Wrestling Combine to Create an Undeniably Electric Phenomenon in


New Orleans, LA -  

Queer nightlife producers Hugo Gyrl and High Profile have combined forces to create the delightfully camp and graphic queer wrestling phenomenon, CHOKE HOLE, which made waves when it debuted, quickly gaining local and national press.


Set in the distant future, it all began when Television’s most powerful mogul, Hugo Gyrl, made their mark on post-apocalyptic pop culture when they accidentally inherited dozens of cryogenically frozen super wrestlers. Now, Earth’s most popular and dangerous form of entertainment is CHOKE HOLE, a no rules, no holes barred wrestling xxxtravaganza.



A multimedia entertainment experience, CHOKE HOLE places a queer lens on the traditionally machismo world of wrestling, using drag to intensify and make apparent the inherently flamboyant and camp elements of professional wrestling.


The event itself combines lip sync performances, choreographed wrestling matches, acting, character building, and pre recorded “backstage drama” videos to create an overarching storyline, which builds a fully immersive performative nightlife experience.


CHOKE HOLE wrestlers and matches are defined by one of the most important queer performative tools, exaggeration. From a crazed real estate agent fighting for her right to gentrify against an alien bug squatter, to mutant beauty influencers taking their online drama to the ring, our show reflects what we see and experience locally and culturally, but amps it up to ridiculous heights. Producer and wrestler Visqueen puts it best saying, 


“CHOKE HOLE exists as a parallel to parody all of our cultural demons, things that the late-stage, mainstream drag culture has evolved into embracing. In an age where drag queens are our modern-day pop stars, our universe is a space for drag to get back to it’s subversive roots, in our own way—-kicking each other’s padded asses in a ring. Long Live CHOKE HOLE!”